Date format for ArcGIS Online Licensing

02-11-2016 04:51 PM
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For my subscription status in ArcGIS Online 'My Organisation' window I see something like this:
xxxx credits remaining
Expires: 01/03/2017
Does this mean 1st March 2017 or January 3rd 2017?  When does my licence expire?  If I read this wrongly then I might think I have two months longer on my licence than I actually have.
When an email arrives from Esri Inc telling me when our licence is due to expire, again the american date format is used.  This date format is confusing because it is not international, it's a local format generally used only in the USA, whereas Esri Inc, whose customers are all over the world, should support internationalisation.  There are two international date formats:
The de jure international standard is yyyy/MM/dd, which is the ISO standard: ISO 8601.
There is also a de facto international standard: dd/MM/yyyy.  This is used in just about every country in the world apart from the USA.  However this one would be confusing to americans so should not be used, except for customers outside the USA.
I agree.  The date format is confusing.  My preference is

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I think as a community we need to have something like this idea

ESRI default date JSON display format across entire suite of platforms