Customizing AGOL Status Tabs for Administrators

04-12-2019 02:20 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Can you provide a little bit of your profession background?

Enterprise GIS Program that manages a statewide enterprise GIS


In what way would this suggestion benefit to your organization?

Being able to create a custom dashboard by compiling all of the relevant information and graphic visualizations (e.g., pie charts) would enable at-a-glance monitoring of the organization.  Widgets are already available in various tabbed screens to view information about content items, maps, apps, etc. (% pvt, % shared). The ability to add these existing widgets to a customized dashboard, and the ability to create new widgets, e.g., for users (total, # or % never logged in, # or % haven’t logged in in more than a month or year) would greatly enhance the utility of an administrator dashboard for AGOL.


Furthermore, being able to deploy this dashboard in other AGOL organizations and portals under our EA would provide consistent reporting and tracking across our enterprise. Having the ability to tweak this ourselves and to add other metrics would be ideal.


How did you come to learn about this suggestion?

The Statewide GIS Program is strengthening its governance and administration of the AGOL platform.  As the user base has grown over the past several years, the challenges and complexity of managing content and administering users have increased tremendously. Tweaking the top level AGOL admin dashboard could be a valuable and time-saving tool.