Customized Pop-ups for AppStudio

10-17-2018 08:10 PM
Status: Open
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Allow App Studio to support customized pop-ups configured in AGOL!! 

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Yes please!  My data only makes sense to workers, but not the public.  We've made beautiful customizations to the pop-ups so the average person can understand what they are looking at.  I would love to make an app, but it seems pointless if the pop-ups can't give readable data.

This was even mentioned back in 2015 and a request was made, but AppStudio still does not have this functionality!

Custom Popup not respected 

Just recently too: 

This one seems to have a work-around in there, but it seems super technical for someone who just started getting into app development - so if this is the solution for awhile, could there be made available to us a tutorial on how to do this?  

Showing the data behind the locations is one of the most fundamental components in most of the web apps being developed.