Customize Legend Options for WebMaps/Apps

06-15-2021 01:58 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I would like to have more customization options for the legends in web maps and in turn the web apps. Right now, the only symbol for a polygon is a trapezoid that depicts the color of that feature, however what about when there are polygons that are circles or squares-- that makes it confusing when the legend patch is a trapezoid. We should have a few more options for patch shapes. 



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Put together a map that uses hexagon polygons to represent data across my study area.  It would be nice if I could change the legend patch from the current trapezoid to a hexagon to better match the data.  I set the option to use the hexagon patch in my Pro project but when I publish it to AGOL, it reverts back to the trapezoid that I seem to be stuck with.