Customer generated bookmarks kept

06-10-2018 04:44 PM
Status: Open
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What is the point of giving customers the option to add a new bookmark if these are removed when the browser cache is cleared - which in our organisation appears to be straight away?

Because these people have to log into AGOL to start with, can the bookmarks not be saved to their account/sever rather than browser based?

The problem is that I create web apps to allow my customers to be the experts in their fields.  I do not know every single place that is important to them so I would prefer to allow them to create their own bookmarks.  Their work could also change over time so a new area could become important.  I do not want to have to create these for them when there is the appearance that they can do it for themselves ... and cuts out the middle man.

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This sounds like a reasonable and very useful enhancement, especially if ESRI's goal is to get an many non-GIS people to use ESRI products as possible.