Custom Domains for Pages on Open Data Sites

04-17-2018 12:35 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Help us straighten up our users by sending them directly to the correct page on ArcGIS Hub open data sites. Give us options to create more than one custom domain for ArcGIS Open Data sites - specifically domains for pages. Organizations like ours have big web portals with various smaller sites within them. We work to retire old ones and use new technologies like open data sites; they work better. Unfortunately we also have legacy custom domains sprinkled everywhere. We need a way to redirect them to open data - specifically the pages that MOST interest them. Otherwise users drop off when they can't immediately find it. Right now, we only have the option to create one custom domain for the home page. Right now, our second custom domain takes our users to the ArcGIS Hub homepage.

Can you add the option to manage custom domains for pages? Scenario: we have We want to reach It previously linked to a Google site - greatly outdated! Yes, we made the DNS change on our side.