Custom AGO Role For Creating Tile Layer from Uploaded TPK

09-21-2016 04:15 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Right now, an ArcGIS Online administrator can create custom roles that prevent users from being able to generate a Tile Layer. This is good because it prevents inexperienced users from inadvertently using a load of credits by generating a large number of tiles directly in ArcGIS Online. 

However, a Desktop user can now generate a tile package offline, then push it to a Tile Layer in ArcGIS Online without using credits for tile generation (because the tiles are generated locally). But, if an administrator has limited an AGO user so they cannot generate a Tile Layer, then these users can push the tile package to Online but they cannot create the needed Tile Layer. 

It would be nice if there was a role that allowed users to NOT generate tiles directly in ArcGIS Online, but still allowed them to publish a Tile Layer from an uploaded tile package. 


Great idea to add a privilege that allows users to publish a tile layer from a tile package.

Our workaround to allow this while minimizing users ability to burn credits by accidently publishing a tile service in ArcMap or AGO, is to use credit allocation.  Credit allocation has no impact on data storage.  We allocate each user only 1 credit, and give them the privilege to publish tile layers....and we educate users on the preferred workflow to publish a tile layer from a tile package.


Thanks for the comment.... that is a very nice workaround!