Crowdsource Reporter Improvements

10-01-2019 01:53 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

After customising reporter for a consultation recently we have some suggestions for improvements:

1. Ability to toggle off zooming to the map extent when changing categories.  A user does not necesseraily want to zoom back out just to change category and report on something else.  This is logged I believe by our vendor as enhancement ENH-000125549

2. Display all reports for all editable layers that are involved in the group/app rather than just the currently-selected category/webmap/editable layer.  Currently we are using views to display all reports, but it means inserting non-editable views for all editable feature layers (we have four) into every one of our webmaps i.e. duplication.

3. Share reference layers across all webmaps used by the app (i.e. in the group) to avoid having to add these to each map.  Again, lots of adding, configuring and duplication.

4. Voting - allow voting from the map.  This relates to #2 above because needing views to display all reports constrains this.  Currently voting in our version of the app is only possible from the right hand side popup when clicking in a category in the right hand side menu and then on a report there.  This is due to us having to use views to show all reports on the map (#2), meaning that the pop we get on the right hand side when clicking on a report in the map is the non-editable view popup, not the editable one, so we can't vote on it.  It is still possible to vote by clicking on the category and finding the report's editable popup there, but that is a needle in a haystack process especially once we get plenty of reports especially as our reports are titled using their drop-down domain value.  We have discussed this with our vendor and it is not possible but on day 1 of the consultation we've already had public feedback asking for this.  One of the key things is when you click on that report that you get the popup on the right with the vote option.  

Crowdsource Reporter does a lot of very cool things and our team are generally pretty happy with it, just the above improvements are things we'd like to have added/changed.