Credit Status Page - include addition of credits

03-15-2021 05:06 PM
Status: Open
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When I purchase additional licences I can't review when the credits where added to the account.

ISSUE: we can only reveiw the 'credit usage' on the status page and even the reports only provide usage details.

OPTION1: It would be great to see when credits are applied within the bar-chart (like a side-note or new bar?).

OPTION2: how about a cumulative chart to show how the credits are tracking (including addition of credits with usage), much like a burn-down chart (see image below)


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Turns out that Esri has robust credit accrual reporting and a Power BI dashboard (Esri, see Esri Case #03094929), but these tools currently are only available to Esri customer representatives and others within the domain and not to ArcGIS Online customers directly.

The accrual of credits must include not only include accrual from additional credits when purchased (which currently expire after two years) but also credits accrued with Named User license purchases (Mobile Worker, Editor, Creator) and when annual maintenance for existing ArcGIS desktop licenses are renewed (as this number is the number of Creator licenses an Organization has plus any term Named User licenses purchased).

I have voted up your Idea and will share it broadly with both Esri and industry associates to have it elevated.

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I just want to echo Nik's idea to be able to easily see when new credits get added to our account. Right now I have no way to verify that all the credits we are entitled to are actually added. I can get an approximation if I remember to check just before and after the renewal date, but it would be nice if that information was more transparent to customers.

I also love the idea of showing the trend in credits available over time. Our organization has to budget well ahead so I actually keep a chart like this on my own that I manually update every month. It would great if this chart was built into AGOL.

Thanks for considering, 🙂