Credit consumption alerts

06-26-2019 11:56 AM
Status: Open
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Storage of data in AGOL gets charged to the organization's available credit, and not the user's allocated credit budget.  This has caused us great problems and unexplained loss of just over 500 credits per day until we tracked it down nearly two weeks later.  

I am proposing Esri implements a credit consumption alert setting that would send an email to the org's administrator telling them "over 500 credits were used yesterday" or something like that.  I should not need to check the status each morning when the computer (server) can do this for me. I envision this to be something similar to how large charges to a credit card are sent to the card owner. 

I suggest the number of credits (500 in my example) be something the admin could set.  In some cases it might be 25, or 100 or 1000. In any event, the alert would be sent.

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Additional idea:

alert the admin if the credit consumption per day will consume all available credits prior renewal date.
"With you current consumption rate, your organisational credits will last for {time}"