Create report with photos from Collector/Survey123/AGOL

08-01-2016 01:02 PM
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I wish there was an easy way to create reports from data in either ArcGIS Online as well as from data collected via Collector and Survey123.
It is hard for me to convince users to use these tools if they cannot create reports (especially for executives). Doing it via downloading the data to Access (or similar) is not an option for them. Too long/complicated/not intuitive.


Hello Ayelet Greenberg​,

Thank you for submitting this idea. Could you expand upon the types of information you could see being included in these reports? Would you like to see reports for each individual collection/survey, or reports for the entire project? Please feel free to elaborate on your idea to help us understand what information you're interested in reporting on.

Also, don't forget to vote for your idea!




Hi Scott,

Lots of data has been collected in the field but we can't really present it outside of esri platform.
We collect attributes and pictures that we want to present in a report format for executives and others, but currently we can't. Showing the information as pop-ups on a webmap is not feasible. I can't really ask a director to log into ArcGIS Online and run a query on a map, click on the selected feature and read thru the pop-up window. I also can't ask the engineers who are creating those reports to go thru a complex workflow that involves downloading the data, in order to create a report with pictures.
The reports can be either for an entire table (in this case maybe thumbnails would work better), but also (this is more likely) for individual records (or for a few at once).
I wish I could have the option to select a record from a table on ArcGIS Online map, click a 'create report' button, select the fields I want to show and have the options to add the picture(s) attached to this record. Then to either present the report online (similar to the Dashboard look and feel maybe) and also to be able to print it to PDF (printing is important).
I don't need to show statistics and charts (though it can be a nice options), I just need to have an easy way to create a page showing text (from the table) and pictures. Map widget is an option but not a must.

I hope it is more clear now.



Hi Ayelet. We recently added export to PDF functionality into Survey123 for ArcGIS.

Try the following:

1) In, select  the survey for which you want to create the PDF report

2) Drill down reports: Go to the Data tab and select  the row in the table for which you want to create a report. You will see a window showing all the attributes of your record (including the photos), and a print option to export to PDF.

3) Summary reports: Go to the Analyze tab and click on Print to export your stats to PDF.

The above is described in the video included in this blog post:  Specifically the drill-down functionality is described at 2:02.  While in the video no attachments are  shown, if your features have attachments, they will be included in the PDF.


Thanks, good to know. Any chance a report option will be added to maps (tables) on ArcGIS Online any time soon?


I would also like a tool to configure my own reports, then people using my map can run a report on a specific feature or query, etc.


maybe once a user selects or query's a single feature a report is generated. Something similar to whats being discussed here: Report Class or the print widget as explained here: Custom Report Widget. This is ok but too technical, only developers can work on it.

kind regards


We have struggle for years to do something like this.  We have utilized the "reporting" functionality in desktop to create reports and then add them to the map layout for well over 10 years now.  This is a very slow, old, drawn out process.  I feel that ESRI has failed to supply us with the "final product" portion of the GIS.   Data is very easy to collect, organize and edit, but when it comes to creating a final product to put into a document, or give to a client or customer, we have been left high and dry.  There are ways to do things with Arcpy and you need a certain skill set to do them, but for the most part, when it comes to reporting, forget it.  I would love a way to automatically integrate tabular data in a map layout, besides just symbolization and pop ups.  This would make it easy to create work orders, locate forms, etc.  Hoping that somebody listens and starts to understand that there is still need to report something, not just see what is happening in the moment.  Interesting that there is no reporting tab in ArcGIS fact, I don't think the reporting tool is even included, at least I can't find it.


Hello Jody,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this idea! Could you give an example of a report you would like to create? What does the data model look like, how do you envision all components of your data (attribution, attachments, related records, etc.) fitting into this report? Do you want something that can be printed (similar to what Ismael described above for Survey123) or incorporated into an application to summarize all non-spatial information?

Any clarification about your data/projects or the expected end result will help us understand this need from your perspective.




Hey Scott, thanks for the quick turnaround. We have always used ArcGIS desktop to produce work orders and locate forms that we can provide our workers and customers. There have two separate components…a map….and then the data relating to a feature (anything highlighted in yellow comes from the database through a generated report on the selected feature). I have included scans of these attached to the email. In the past, we have to provide paper copies of these for audit purposes or for our customers. We are slowing starting to replace the paper version with pdf’s and utilizing email to send them.

However, the process to produce these layouts with reports included are long, and just cumbersome compared to what they could be.

This is an open ticket I have right now with ESRI. It all came about because we have integrated Ontario One Call data with Workforce and collector. It is completely streamlined and working great. This way our worker (locator) can be dispatched the data to his ipad in the field. The problem is, we still need to email a final product to the home owners and contractors. So, with the apps we can easily issue a work order, collect the data, but there is no easy way that when that data is collected, to send a “report” to home owner or contractor. The only current way to do this is through desktop and the reporting function…or through scripting with arcpy.

Its great that you want to know my story, as I can’t be the only one having this issue. I have been asking for something for a number of years, but it doesn’t seem to get anywhere.

Anyway, hope this helps. If you want to chat on the phone…just let me know.



For data collected in Survey123, please check out the new custom report feature: Leveraging Custom Form Report Templates in Survey123 for ArcGIS