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create related tables and or related features inside ArcGIS online

01-27-2016 01:29 PM
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Create related tables and or related features inside of ArcGIS online Instead of using Arcmap and ArcCatalog to create the relates and then uploading or overwriting exisitng services.
Right now I have a relations from signs and mounts to a maintenance log feature, I went with a feature instead of a table so the record would be visable as well as related, but to update the signs and mounts data from our server i have to download the entire feature service group from ArcGIS online, overwrite the data in signs and mounts making sure not to loose the data in the logs and then overwrite the existing service.
So to be clear I do not want to create any relationship outside of ArcGIS online, i would like to be in my map online and create the relationships online. Running the process to download the data and overwrite asset information to protect existing log data takes a lot of time. If this cant be done directly from the map in ArcGIS online it would be nice if i could at least go into the admin of the feature and create the code in the background.
I thought a while back I had run across a post from an ESRI employee that this would be a future ability to create relationships online instead of using the desktop but I can't find it to reference backt to.

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Similar or the same: ?

by Anonymous User

Hi Damon Eisenach,

Would the information outlined on this idea satisfy your use case?

performing attribute table joins in ArcGIS online 

If so I can mark this idea as a duplicate of that one.


Hi that looks similar.


Hi KCullen-esristaff,

Yes, the new join analysis (Dec 2016 update) in AGOL is similar (very nice by the way!), but not quite the same. Our client for instance would like to create relationships between tables and features without creating a new layer to be hosted (we're talking about more than 1 million features). See my comment in the post I mentioned earlier in  so I'm not sure these ideas are real duplicates. Or would this be a new enhancement request?

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by Anonymous User

Hi Annina,

Does your client want to create a relationship class which would persist with the layer regardless of the web map or a join that would happen in memory within that particular web map without creating a new output layer?


now that i look closer it is not similar, i want to be able to create joins from AGOL. I need to be able to update a feature from the desktop to AGOL without overwriting or touching its related feature.


i have signs which is updated by desktop editors and maintenance logs updated by field crews they need updated in the two different environments and to be related to each other. 

by Anonymous User

PBOT MO PUBLISHING CONTENT Thank you for the response. I have set this back to reviewed. 


Hi KCullen-esristaff,

I try to clarify the situation a bit (I guess it goes in the same direction as damoneisenach) :

- Client A publishes a huge amount of data as a secured service on his AGS/Portal. He is the owner of that data and gives Client B the authorisation to use them in his AGOL. Each feature has its unique (not changing) ID.

- Client B has additional (tabular) data based on the same IDs. He now wants to relate his data to the geometries of Client A (1:1 relation) in a webmap. Data is filtered to show only matching results. In the App, users will then be able to search for attributes contained in the related table.

- The services of both clients are updated -+ twice a year but maybe independently from each other.

The advantage of this scenario is that the original geometries stay where they are and are not modified by Client B, and no new Service has to be created for the Subset of Client B.

For the moment, I guess, we will have to prepare the subset (still more than 1 million features...) within Desktop and upload the geometries containing the additional attributes.

Both FS (for search and query) and Tiles (for display at small scales) will be needed. This will also mean, that Client B has to buy additional credits for something that actually is already available online.

Thanks for consideration


I would love to see more support for related tables. Creation of relationship classes, ability to edit the relationship class. I am having an issue to where my relationship class is not allowing me to use a constraint on the case number field because it is the key in the relationship class even though it is not the OID etc in the database. 

With more related table support in AGO I could have fixed the issue in minutes instead of having to start over from scratch in Desktop then move it all back to AGO and rebuild the broken Apps they were connected to. 

See Case # 02224433 for more info. 


Why is this still marked as a duplicate of performing attribute table joins in ArcGIS online?