Create PDF option on Pop-Up

03-27-2019 02:26 PM
Status: Open
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There should be an option to create a PDF from the Configure Pop-Up option on Arcgis online Web map.

Example 1

I have points with Attributes and Images, I would like to have the option to create a PDF that includes all the attribute data and images.  Configurable Header and style as well.

Example 2

We use Collector for field collection. We would like to go back to office and create a PDF of what was capture, so it can be filed away or emailed. Attaching images is a requirement.

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I agree. I have an idea under review that involves extracting data from an ArcGIS Online Web App into a template word doc. I requested a word doc export specifically because I like the idea of controlling a professional/consistent format that is auto-populated by data entered in the ArcGIS online web app. Exporting directly to a pdf would be valuable too though - if you were able to configure a consistent format/letterhead.


Robin can you send me the request link, so i can follow. If i can get it in word, that would work for me.