Create Geoform/Type interface for Existing features on ArcGIS Online

06-16-2015 11:20 AM
Status: Open
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*The Geoform is Great when you want your users to be able to add NEW features, but what about editing existing features?
*The Editor Template is adequate but not user friendly on a mobile device.

I would like the customization and feel of a geoform (where data entry is prioritized) but with the ability of editing existing data. Tech support says "Well you can download the editing template and customize the info pop-up with javascript" Ok, thanks, when I hire a programmer, I'll have him/her get started on that.

The templates are meant for us to "Configure First Customize Second". I think a nice-looking-full-screen-data-entry-info-pop-up is what most users want. not this tiny little "Edit" link that pulls up a just as tiny editor box.

Lets get this done Esri.


Thanks for submitting this idea.

Try using the crowdsource manager app as an app to edit tabular data. Let us know if this helps with your workflow or if there are additional features that you are looking for. 



I am also in need of the ability to edit through geoform.  I attempted the work around that you suggested, but geoform lacks the ability to embed a URL that would link to another web app such as crowdsource.  Thus it requires users to open one web app for entering new data and another for editing data.  We have found this to be confusing and problematic for our end users.  I have submitted an enhancement idea for embedding URLs:

I believe both enhancements are needed, but either would help us with our current workflow.