Create Geo-Based Discussions/RSS for Users/Developers with Login Accounts

06-09-2010 10:34 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

I would like to see a central location where you can find users or developers in a particluar geographic area for meetings, announcements, and get togethers.

There is a Dev Meetup in New York this month hosted by ESRI. I would like there to be a Geo-Discussion area for such an event.

You would click on a link to navigate to Geo-Discussions and then would have a list of regions. The upcoming event could be under New York.

The list could be states as well as countries. Everything happening in Illinois would be in the Illinois category. GIS Events and discussions related to the state of Washington would be in the category of Washington.

Using RSS for announcements would give the community control on information that it wanted to receive and GIS professionals could communicate with others in their region with searching across groups after group.

As a developer, I would enjoy know who I can contact in person and who I need to contact online.