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Create email alerts connected to dates to use when a feature is for tracking maintenance schedules.

05-05-2022 11:34 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I am using arcGIS online to record all the maintenance needs of a neighborhood.  It would be extremely helpful if: when I record the cleaning of the city storm water drains I could also enter a date when the next cleaning needs to be done.  Then when that date arrives I will receive an email or some other notification as a reminder.    

Thanks for considering this idea.  

I think that's great that Esri can bombard us all with emails that are of
no interest at all--even after they've closed my account and asked them not
to swamp my in box with emails --but they can't respond to a simple request
on their helpline.

Have you looked at hosted feature service web hooks and services like Power Automate (formerly Flow), Zapier, or Make (formerly Integromat). At the time of me typing, this is only possible in ArcGIS Online with a hosted feature service because only ArcGIS Online hosted feature services support edit web hooks.