Create a single layer view from multiple layers

12-11-2019 09:15 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I would like the ability to create pie charts from aggregated layers. And i think the best way to do this would be to have the functionality to combine more than one feature service into a single layer view. The geometry would need to be kept separate so that we can work with combinations of point/line/polygon, but the rest of the attribute data coudl be combined into a single table, in order to incorporate into statistical analysis.


Did you see this idea ? Guess it's the same issue.


Hi Annina,

Thank you for pointing me to that. It looks like there are a couple of ideas on this topic. I figured that rather than restrict this functionality to ops dashboard, it would be better to have the functionality to create a layer view that aggregates the geometries and attributes into 1 service.


David, then you might put it in the general arcgis online category so it gets (re)viewed by the concerned product team... and eventually put a comment in the above mentioned idea, otherwise there is a risk that your post gets marked as duplicate.