Create a 3D webscene from a 2D web map

01-27-2015 01:04 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
ArcGIS Online December updates integrate a 3D webviewer. It would be very helpful to be able, by one click (a button?), to directly use a webmap and send it to the scene, with all the layers symbology.
At the moment, we have to add the layers one by one in the scene viewer : which is time-consuming.
by Anonymous User
This is actually pretty close to somethign that we are considering for web scenes... the idea that you could start a new scene by adding an entire existing web scene to it.

The map --> web scene idea is analogous to what you can do in Pro today.  We'll consider it.
We are in the process of introducing interactive web maps and applications to our company using ArcGIS Online.  One of the biggest challenges is weaning our user base off of Google Earth.  The ability to create a Scene from a Map would be extremely beneficial, and help eliminate the use of Google Earth.  The workflow could be designed very similar to how you can now take a Map, and share it to create an Application.