Copy feature in ArcGIS Online

08-26-2013 02:14 AM
Status: Open
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We use ArcGIS online for collecting spatial data in field. When collecting data about the status of our municipalty's lampposts we have come upon this request:

*Copy an existing feature and all of the attributes in order to speed up the work in the field.

Since a lot of the lampposts will be quite similar a copy of an feature and its entire attributes would be nice. We have already designed the underlying database with coded values to help speed up the collecting of data...

If you specify a feature template in Desktop prior to publishing a hosted Feature Service, you can prepopulate a lot of the fields as defaults.
I'm looking a similar workflow. Areas are treated with pesticide year to year. The polygon may remain the same, but all attributes are different (applicator, time, equip, etc). I want to copy/paste the polygon as a new record then input/change associated attributes.

As a work around we copy/paste features in Collector. It would be nice if you could do that in AGOL. I have the feature template set up so that the process is copy/paste then change the old feature to status = Archive so that is is filtered out of the map but we have a record of it.


I agree with that. I would like to copy/paste features from one layer to another.


I very surprised to find out that copy and paste is not supported in Web AppBuilder or in ArcGIS Online web map. Especially that it is supported in Collector. This would be a nice feature for Web AppBuilder. My workflow has web users entering points for construction project locations, but some of our projects have multiple locations. It would be nice to be able to make a copy of a point and paste it with all attributes and then have the user move the point to its correct location.


Hi, I think this does what you're after, in web apps created using builder on AGOL at least. 


I would like that it can be possible to duplicate one registre in survey, and if is possible also in one entitie in arc gis online.