Copy and paste layers from one web map to other web maps in AGOL

03-29-2019 02:14 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

In AGOL one can spend a significant amount of time, filtering, symbolizing, configuring a custom popup for a given layer for a web map. This same layer may need to be used in a number of different web maps/apps for a variety of different purposes. I would rather not recreate the wheel and refiltering, resymbolizing, reconfiguring a custom popup for each web map that needs to use this layer. It would be very helpful if AGOL could allow copy and pasting layers from one web map to another.


This would be massively helpful if it were possible. 


FYI, the ArcGIS Online June 2022 update introduced the ability to save a layer for reuse in other web maps (Save and duplicate layers.