'Cookie-cut' capability for hosted feature layer views

09-10-2018 05:47 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Pretty sure this is not out there already - and would be surprised if it isn't actively being worked on, but further to Paul Barker's blog late last year, it would be great if there was the capability, rather than digitising an area of interest to define a hosted feature layer view (see below) - or using the extent of the map search, to have a cookie-cut capability for hosted feature layer views. I'm thinking here of referencing another boundaries dataset to act as the cookie cutter. Instead of digitising the area of interest, you would simply choose from another boundary dataset, published in your ArcGIS  organisation account - as a pick-list item. This would avoid the more time-consuming process of manually trying to define the areas.  

#Current process for defining an area of interest for your hosted feature layer view.

by Anonymous User

Hi Matt, thanks for the idea. To define the area, would you be looking to use a polygon in another feature layer? 


by Anonymous User

@Anonymous User Can't speak for Matt, but this is exactly the functionality I'm looking for. I would like to be able to define the area of interest view definition from an existing multipolygon feature either in another feature layer or one imported from a Shapefile through the AOI definition dialog window. The manual drawing capability that exists now is OK, but generally results in an imprecise, overly generalized AOI. In many case it's more useful to be able to use the geometry of an existing features (e.g. Council District, work zone, right of way buffer, etc.). This sort of functionality is really important for being able to set AOI definitions for areas with precise boundaries.