Configurable Information Box on Enterprise Portal

02-14-2020 06:50 AM
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I would like to be able to reconfigure the message on an information box on the enterprise portal. The box appears when the portal user is trying to access a Group which he/she is not a member of. I like to add information on what the user should do to request access. This will help reduce calls to our IT Service Desk.  the current message is not fit for purpose - see attached image#

Thank you

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by Anonymous User

Hi there,

This error message may be because of the way the group is configured.

Would you be able to trace back for us how a user got to this error message - was it through the Enterprise portal by clicking on the Groups tab or a direct link or other route? In addition, on the settings tab on the group, which options are checked for the below?

Options for

If I have the above options selected (for example), and I sign in as someone that is not a member of that group and navigate to the group or access a link to the group, I would see a Join This Group button which then provides this message:

"Your request for membership will be sent to the group administrator for review."

This is the standard message once you request to join. 

However, if my settings are "Who can view this group > only group members" and I try to access the group via a link, I receive the same error that you posted there since the group owner did not make the group accessible outside of group members.