Choose fields when exporting table to CSV in Web App Builder

06-16-2016 11:48 PM
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When accessing the attribute table in Web App Builder, users can select which fields will be visible and which ones will be hidden. But, when exporting the table to a CSV, the result will have all the fields, not the ones marked as visible by the user.

It would be useful for the users to have the option to export the table with only the desired fields. We have a use case with a 250+ fields feature service, which is unpleasant to filter twice (first in Web App Builder and later in Excel).

by Anonymous User

Yes, I have a very similar problem.  I have built a query that pulls up 5 fields and displays them on AGOL;  but if they use the Export to CSV, then they get 40 plus fields of what they will interpret as garbage when they need only four or five to go with their work order.  Please look into this, I have less technically proficient people who will need to run this and other similar queries.


I agree this would be a nice option, particularly for end users who aren't experienced in Excel. Having to tidy-up a spreadsheet after an export adds unnecessary work.


It is now nearly four years since the initial ask on this request, can someone from ESRI provide guidance on this?  I have staff asking to export data but they do not want to see all the fields, so currently I am telling them they just need to delete them from the .CSV once it is exported.  If we could get the export to coincide with the view customization, that would be fantastic!  


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Any news on this topic?


I would suggest use the "Query" widget. You can select which fields will be shown in the results tab, and the end user can also export the result records to a csv in the query widget. Only the fields that are visible will be included in the exported csv.


I had this same issue but was able to solve it using the Attribute Table widget, enabling export to CSV in the configuration page. The attribute table can be fully customized by the user by turning on and off fields or filtering results. Exporting to csv exports it exactly as seen when the export is initiated. You can also control the order of the fields in the configuration window if you want it to appear in an order different than the original layer.