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Choose/Enforce which Map Viewer a Web Map is opened in

08-02-2023 11:10 AM
New Contributor III

It would be great if there was a setting (much like the "Enable for Field Maps/Collector" toggle) to enforce what a web map is able to be opened in (classic vs new).

We spend a lot of time configuring smart forms etc. only for less experience users to click the classic option (the current default) and have none of the automatic calculations, rules, etc. be enabled. There is probably a use case for the opposite as well, where you want an older web map that was designed to be used in Classic to only be used that way.

Perhaps this would be less of a problem for me if the default was the new map viewer, but I imagine other users want "Classic" to remain the default for now, so I think it would be best to give the map owner some avenue to enforce a user to interact with a map in the environment it was designed for.


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Using ArcGIS Online, any organization can establish Map Viewer as the default over Map Viewer Classic. This is an organization setting in Settings > Map that an admin can set.


 Individual members can still override that setting and choose Classic over Map Viewer. And can launch either from the app launcher:



Each map that is authored "remembers" whether it has been authored in Map Viewer Classic vs. Map Viewer. You can flip and save between the two, but obviously this isn't entirely transparent since Map Viewer supports many things that Classic does not.

You will be warned if you attempt to open a Map Viewer map in Map Viewer Classic:


Best recommendation: fully embrace Map Viewer over Map Viewer Classic and enforce that in your organization and socialize that otherwise.



Thank you for getting back to me @BernSzukalski. I assumed this was the case, but was struggling to find any documentation for it, as a non-admin for our org. 

For clarification, that warning" is only given when the default for the organization is set to Map Viewer? We have authored plenty of maps in the new Map Viewer but I have not seen that warning when opening them in Classic.

I would love to fully embrace map viewer, but as non-admin in a very large organization that will likely be semi-resistant to sunsetting classic that is not an option under my control, so I was looking for other options.


You can set your own preferences for Map Viewer over Classic regardless of your organization settings. Sign in, click your avatar, and choose My Settings:


In the General tab you can choose the primary map viewer:


This Help topic should clarify:



Thanks again for your response!

We have gone ahead and changed it for all of the users in my group (publisher roles), but the goal is to curate a specific experience for end users of our maps, not the publishers themselves.

I think just changing the whole of the org to default to the new map viewer still does not really address the issue, since there might be legacy maps we would want to leave as defaulting to open in classic still. Being able to do it on a map-by-map basis gives situational flexibility to not have to follow the org default where that is not what would be the best specific user experience for a product.

Having something like your second screenshot in the individual map settings would be exactly what I have in mind.