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Change page ArcGIS Online subscription customers are directed to after logging in

09-21-2012 05:25 AM
Status: Open
Esri Notable Contributor
After logging in to ArcGIS Online, the initial page that loads for the different roles are currently:

 - users/publishers: Organization Home Page
 - administrators: My Organization Page

These seem like the two pages that are the least used by customers actively using ArcGIS Online to create and share content.

I believe it would be preferable to point everyone to My Content by default and also useful to add a profile configuration option where people could choose if they want their default login destination page to be My Content, Groups, the Map Viewer, their Organization Home Page, or their My Organization page.
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Agreed! Most users just get lost when they get initially directed to a list of users--that's not really helpful. Perhaps something like the GeoJobe Mapfolio tool would be helpful (mapfolio - GEO Jobe ). Unfortunately, that tool now requires permission to access the organization and no longer works for our external visitors. The configuration option for Administrators to choose the default landing page would be best. For those who don't use ArcGIS online except through tools like Collector, it's easy to see why they think the new environment is confusing.