Change Basemaps in ArcGIS Hub

01-15-2019 08:27 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great if users could change the basemaps used ArcGIS Hub.  For example, the Hub administrator could provide a list of available basemap choices. Or even better, the user could select any ArcGIS online layer to be used as a basemap. 

by Anonymous User

Hi there - we already have a basemap setting on each site (under "Settings") that draw from the organization's configured basemaps. If an administrator wants to limit which basemaps the user is selecting they can using the organization's settings in ArcGIS Online. Also - we recently added support for vector basemaps via an upgrade to JSAPI4 in Hub Sites. 3D Web Scenes, Vector Tile Basemaps, and more coming to ArcGIS Hub 

Is there a part of the idea I'm missing or does the above information satisfy the request?


Hi Graham,  What I was hoping for was an option to allow the user to visit our ArcGIS Hub site, and select whichever base map they want.  Similar to how google maps allows the user to choose between a topographic base map, or an imagery base map.  Unless I am mistaken, an ArcGIS hub site can only display one base map (as chosen by the Hub administrator).

by Anonymous User

Thanks for the clarification!


Hello @MikeDunkley this is an excellent idea.  A basemap selection seems like a no-brainer, given that it is included in pretty much every other Esri product.