Casting building shadows (outside of the current view) in 3D application

07-30-2019 09:03 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I noticed that using the Daylight tool in the scene viewer is limited to buildings in the current view. 

If the building is out of the current view, its shadow won't be showing up.

This behavior is explained here:

"NoteScene layers are designed to allow for datasets of arbitrary size to be streamed over the internet and displayed on all browsers. To achieve this goal, we only load and process features which are inside the view or close to it.  This means that scene layer features that are far outside of the current view will be removed and you will not see the shadows created by these features in the current view.  "

I would like to have the option to cast shadow for building outside the current view in a scene viewer.

Please help my dream comes true by voting this idea up.