Can we get an option in ArcGIS Online so that Drive Time Areas are calculated as an average across the entire 24 hour day (all 7 days of the week). Kind of like an average across the entire period (this can be limited by month or a 7 day week).

04-29-2020 09:07 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor

I need to generate average drive time polygons for a number of driving test sites across England for accessibility assessment purposes and setting the conditions to a particular time frame and day of week if not ideal. I just need an average across either a 7 day week (which can be set) or for a particular month.  Using a fixed time period (e.g. 15 minute period or hourly period) and fixed day is not ideal for analysis, since travel times vary across geography and temporally, so having an average is a little more useful when undertaking high level analysis.