Calculate field values on GUID fields

03-16-2021 05:18 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Hi 😀

I'd like the ability to perform calculate field values on GUID fields (just like other field types).
Currently, UUID fields are editable but we cannot use calculations on them.

Use case
I have an existing survey with multiple related tables. They are linked by GlobalIDs and ParentGlobalIDs (ParentGlobalIDs are GUID types).

Some field workers suggested that they'd like the ability for multiple people to work on a survey at the same time.
For example: one person may collect Asset information (parent feature layer) and others will perform inspection types (related tables). The only way to link them together (after they've submitted the data) is to paste the relevant GlobalID to the ParentGlobalID (in related records).

But, if calculations can be enabled for GUID fields (e.g. ParentGlobalIDs), I can automate the process with an Arcade script.

Any help is greatly appreciated 😀