Branding and Logos in ArcGIS Online

06-22-2014 07:39 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

1.  There should be a way for the organization to place and share logo graphic thumbnails for users to access.

Currently, users have to know how and where to find logo grahics files and manipulate their resolution/size to create a thumbnail.  Not all users can do this or do it successfully.  These could be created by the AGO Admin and shared to in the organization.

2.  There should be a simple way, inside of AGO, for users to combine logo graphics with thumbnails. 

Currently this requires the user to have access to and knowledge of how to use a graphics editor [like Paint], to do this, then upload it into the thumbnail.


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This would be helpful. I currently administer an AGOL site for an engineering firm, and engineers don't want to have to design a pretty thumbnail every time they add an item to our page.

Best case scenario would be to incorporate this setting in the "Shared Theme" settings. We could check a box to enable automatic branded thumbnail creation, upload the logo to superimpose over the auto generated thumbnail view, and maybe even add a custom border color choice and Title text color/font choice.