Billing data for ArcGIs Online

07-01-2020 11:11 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor


I would like to have the possibility of entering billing info when using ArcGIS recources. With the current reporting, it is possible to report only on users and items, but we also need to have project billing numbers so we can know the amount of credits to bill to our different customers. 

For example, when doing geocoding in ArcMap, any user has to login his ArcGIS Online account to use ESRI geocoding service. Could the login window include a project number field, not only username and password?

Also, when performing a report from ArcGIS Online, it is possible to get a report by user, giving per item feature storage and analytics credit consumption. If a project number would be captured at any item creation, then reporting could include project billing numbers, making it simple to bill my customers.