Be able to move folders in Portal for ArcGIS from one user’s content to a different users content

04-28-2016 11:44 AM
Status: Open
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As the Administrator you have the power to control everything within your portal.
So, please add the ability to move (Not) just the content of a user's portal content folder, but move the folder itself with its content to a different portal user's content folder.
- And it not effect the webmap, services, etc.
This would be similar to to change ownership functionality already included with Portal for ArcGIS.

This will improve the process when employees leave, and you need to move or re-assign their content.
It will also help with 
a change in the publishing workflow.

Same question about ArcGIS for Server folders & services.
Hey Bill,

We have a tool in our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online & Portal application that should handle this for you called the "Migrate Users" tool. Here is a blog post where we explain the tool.

We have three versions of the tool, Free, Pro & Portal you can view the functionality matrix of all three here.

Hope this helps you out.

Does the following help: