Batch upload of addresses in Find Route tool

06-26-2013 09:44 AM
Status: Open
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Our Inspections Departments uses the Find Route tool every day.  The tool is very helpful to them because they can plan their routes for the day usually between 15 to 20 stops a day.  It has helped us save time and money when they are out inspecting.  The only negative is that it takes some time in the morning to upload all the site addresses they are planning to visit.  You have to manually add each address one by one then run the process.

My idea is to do a batch upload of address that you are planning on visiting that via an excel spreadsheet that has the street number, street name and zip code.  I have tried a faster process to help them out but haven't found one yet.  Please make is wonderful tool even better.  Thank you.

You can load point features that you previously batch geocoded.  Se the Get Points button.

Like you, I am trying to leverage the Find Route Tool to do a batch process. However, my batch would be generating a series of routes from one(1) starting location and going to many(x) end loations, saving off the route directions and shapefile ( line or polyine) for each iteration with no stops in between.

It seems simple enough, but I can't see how you do batch automation with the tool and there is no documentation that I can find regarding such. When bruce_harold answered your post, he stated "You can load point features that you *previously loaded*, but in my case there is no pre-load.

In fact, I am not wanting to load points, per se, but a set of addresses: 1(from) and many(to) to be batch generated.

Any ideas ?