Batch export feature layers from ArcGIS Online to local hard drive

09-18-2019 03:47 PM
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Several times I've had to individually export to shapefile, then download, then extract, then import to a gdb multiple layers for coworkers or colleagues. It would save a TON of time if I could select multiple feature layers and export them all as a gdb.



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I found a workaround that might be helpful to others:

  1. Create a new ArcGIS Pro Project
  2. Create a new Map within the Project
  3. Go to Catalog window
  4. Choose Portal at top
  5. Bring into your map all the ArcGIS Online feature layers that you want to download
  6. Go to the Catalog window again
  7. Choose Project at top
  8. Go to Databases folder and click arrow to open it
  9. Create a geodatabase saved to the offline location where you want to download the feature layers (or use the geodatabase that is automatically created in the project)
  10. Right click on the geodatabase
  11. Select "Import"
  12. Select "Feature Classes"
  13. Pull down arrow from first entry box and choose a feature layer from your map that you want to download
  14. Pull down arrow from second entry box and choose the second feature layer you want to download
  15. Continue for as many as you want to download at one time into your geodatabase
  16. Select "Run"
Note, for more structure, you can create Feature Datasets within your Geodatabase before you start importing feature classes and this will allow you to import your feature layers into logical sets.
This is much faster than converting one feature layer at a time to a shapefile, downloading it, unzipping it, and importing it into the geodatabase. Hope it is helpful to others.