Batch Attribute Editor Widget Manual Select

04-05-2017 10:59 AM
Status: Open
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The only ways to select by area to batch update attributes on polygons are to select by polygon or free hand draw a polygon.  Otherwise, you can select one polygon at a time (dot symbol).  We really need to be able to select polygons the SAME way that you use the regular Select widget.  I want to hold down the shift button so I can select polygons that are not adjacent to each other.  We have folks spot treating exotic plants in the field and when they use the WAB, they want to be able to multi-select polygons that are spread out miles apart from each other and apply the same information to them.

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I discussed this very same widget enhancement with an Esri employee at the Esri UC this year (2017). I was encouraged to request a case for this enhancement of "adding to selection" using the point selector in the widget.  We need to use it on night time lighting inspections.  In using the widget, a passenger in the inspecting vehicle does not want to have to draw a polygon to select light poles that share the same status attribute.  Drawing those polygons to select certain poles that exist in a row, but not always adjacent to one another, proves to be clunky and difficult versus the potential ability to hold shift down and add to selection individual poles using the point selector.