Automatically Generate Metadata for Search Engines

01-15-2019 12:48 AM
Status: Open
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Maps and charts in the web, whether as images or embedded in digital documents, contain valuable information that is not fully available to information retrieval tools (search engines). The information used to describe these maps (charts) is typically extracted from the (image) metadata rather than from the information the graphic was initially designed to express. Creating metadata for a map (chart) is a manual task that only a small number of users are good at. The idea is to automatically read the map (chart) data and provide the user with a textual summary of the map (chart).

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Hi Hein,

Since you included ArcGIS Desktop as a category here, can you describe the desktop to web workflow here?  You're creating your maps in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro - how are you managing your metadata at that point?  What is the product that you publish to the web?  A full web map?  Web layers/services?  But you also describe images - are you exporting your maps as images only (.jpg, .png...)?  And want full metadata on the image?