Audio Alert/Queue for Thresholds

12-04-2018 11:35 AM
Status: Open
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Please consider an audio alert for Thresholds or Conditions in Operations Dashboard. This would make a great add-in feature and hopefully easy to do. 

My example for this would be that I currently use an Indicator that is Conditionally set to change status when an alert has been triggered. Visually it looks good but people monitoring are not always heads up and can't always catch the conditional change. If there was the ability to add an audio alarm of some type (Bell ring, tone, Alarm) along with a duration (Single, Timed, or until cleared) would go a long way to adding functionality to the dashboarding process.

As an additional side note to this, it may be great to add in the ability to send an SMS or Email message out as well as the sound.   


Hard to believe that no one else feels the need for Audio/Sound notifications for changes in events? I would think almost any comm center could use this feature in some way. #bump#operations dashboards


Just want to bump this again as I think it is a great feature to add. I have programmers looking into a workaround currently. 


I don't have a current use case for this, but wanted to support James Dickens‌ idea. This seems like a pretty important feature for a dashboard that may be alerting monitors to take real-time action. The Ops Dashboard help for "Effective Dashboards" says "increase your organization's responsiveness by configuring the dashboard so that users are immediately notified when something occurs that requires action" - audio alerts would certainly help this. 

Author effective dashboards—Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

I would add that flashing elements would help also.


Thank you, Philip! Appreciate your support on this and the great supporting link. 


Hi James,

Thank you for your feedback and for contributing in Esri Ideas. It came to my attention that an Enhancement request for this feature was just submitted by Esri Support Services. It will be up to the product team to review this further and take it into consideration:

ENH-000120131 : Consider adding an audio alert option for threshold values or condition changes in Operations Dashboard


I just got a request for this.   I have a Operations Dashboard in a control room where it is monitoring survey 123 submissions from Citizens on utility outage issues.  They want a ding on the computer when a new survey comes in to alert them to go look at that screen.  Otherwise they need to remember to go glance at it every so many minutes, which can become an issue in the event if they get busy with something else and loose track of time.

Has there been any more of a status of this being an option?


Lindsey, Not sure if they are working on this or not but we ended up using a Tamper Monkey script on Chrome to fire a sound when a certain criteria was met. It's not the cleanest solution but it works ok. It may be a stop-gap for you to use.