Assign pending Invites to groups / add to groups during invite

09-25-2013 06:55 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II
We have experienced customer concern over newly invited users entering an org, but not being able ot access any imformation as they are not yet a member of any groups. This creates a confusing first experience with AGOL for newly invited users. AGOL Administrators struggle to immediately add new users into all the groups they require access to. A much better solution would be to add users to groups during the invite stage.

I can't believe this hasn't received more attention! It's incredibly frustrating whaen adding users en masse.

Our full rollout of AGOL is in a couple of weeks, and this is currently my main concern; knowing that every user is going to see a blank screen, and instantly contact us to ask what's wrong.

This has been resolved. Perhaps someone should mothball old, already implemented ideas.