ArcGIS REST API Hooks via Jupyter Notebooks

04-13-2018 12:23 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

In support of Ideas like Version Control for WebMaps in ArcGIS Online and in conjunction with the coming support of Jupyter Notebooks as Portal Items, it would be extremely powerful if users could register Jupyter Notebooks to be used as callback hooks for a limited subset of the ArcGIS REST API.

As a specific example, getting a callback from Add Item and Update Item callbacks would allow updates to a Web Map to be intercepted and automatically pushed to a git repository or similar version control system, thus opening up the ability for organizations to roll back to previous versions for critical, production items.

Intercepting the Add Relationship API could allow for organization-specific security policies to be put in place beyond what is offered by the existing Role Capabilities.

Tools like nbparameterise have established conventions for passing parameters into a notebook which could be leveraged in this scenario.