ArcGIS Pro - Configure Pop-ups like AGOL/Portal

12-12-2019 08:35 AM
Status: Open
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The following pop-up functionality of modifying attributes is already available in AGOL/Portal, but it would be helpful if these items were available when you publish web services from ArcGIS Pro:

- number formatting

- date formatting

- change attribute order

Example 1:

Imagine you publish a map service that gets consumed from 10 different web maps. By default, AGOL/Portal formats numeric fields with 2 decimal places and uses commas to separate every three numbers (e.g.  108.56 or 12,345,678.90). If this is undesired (for us, it usually is!), you have to make a fix 10x, which is tedious and error-prone. This always needs adjustment for latitude/longitude values in decimal degrees, which are present in most of our point features.

Example 2:

You have a date field, say "Last Updated". By default, AGOL/Portal displays date fields with a time. For our purposes, time of update isn't necessary, but you have to modify this in each web map to turn off the time part. A work around I don't want to carry out is to do a conversion of just my date field to a new/separate text field with just the date that's used only for web map purposes.


It's possible to change attribute order via different approaches; however, to match AGOL/Portal, it would be nice to have the functionality of moving attributes up/down in the popup configuration window.


Hi Ed Conrad‌.  It sounds like what you're requesting here is a duplicate of, except for moving attributes up/down in the pop-up configuration window.  I know that the team is tracking that enhancement request so I'll make sure this gets linked. 


Yes similar, but with the addition of formatting date fields too, since they're treated differently from numeric fields.

by Anonymous User

It would be better if any date that appears in ArcPro, ArcMap, AGOL and Portal regardless of how it is generated or displayed is formatted using the local date display defaults from the local environment, as the DEFAULT. Like every other date in the entire computing world.