ArcGIS Portal Enhancements

08-12-2011 10:38 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Support standard metadata on any type of item in the Portal (including an editor with as much element population automation as possible).  FGDC and ISO wanted.

Support attachments on an item, including documents, images, data, etc.

Automatically validate the completeness and correctness of the item during publishing (e.g. mxd analysis, metadata validation, access to data sources, etc.).

Report all the interdependencies of items, data sources, indexed items, etc.  “if I change XYZ in Portal, ArcGIS Server, GDB, etc., then what items are impacted, will break, will benefit, etc. in Portal?”

Report dead items.  Which map services items are not working at this moment.

Report for traffic, searches, and auditing.  Who is using Portal, how much, doing what?

Support the publishing of an mxd as an item, and have the Portal actually create a map service automatically – meld AGS publishing and Portal publishing into “one button.”   A local AGS instance would be registered to Portal in this scenario.

Provide ArcGIS Desktop based tools to publish items to Portal (like the arcgis online tools now)