ArcGIS Online WebApp to respect applied Webmap filters on Related tables

04-12-2018 11:35 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

We have published layers from our enterprise GIS utilizing ArcGIS Server.  Many staff and public applications are built using this technology however I have come across one particular issue that I would love Esri to resolve.  When I publish my data (using relationship classes in SDE) to ArcGIS Online and create my webmap things work well, however when I filter my related table records (for example only showcasing a specific year of work), all the entries appear in the WebApp that using the webmap.  I believe that if you are setting up a mapping application and are setting up the filters within ArcGIS Online (whether the filters are on the main layer or a related table) then the desired result is that they would be respected throughout all the ArcGIS Online platforms.  Currently to accomplish multiple users needs and filtering things for specific needs I would have to run multiple pre filtered ArcMap documents published individually thus creating load on the server, where if I were to publish the layer/table once and use the filtering options within ArcGIS Online I would only have 1 service to manage and 1 associated load impact for the different users.  Is there a way to get this reviewed for product enhancement?