ArcGIS Online Update

06-19-2015 12:30 PM
Status: Open
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The new ArcGIS Online are coming in July 2015. Many exciting features. But the one, badly needed, is still absent from the list. Namely, we need an unlimited Zoom-In when using a tile service, just like the ArcGIS Desktop has always allowed it, despite the limited number of a cashed pyramid layers.

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Imagery, Streets, and World Topographic basemaps have been updated to add additional levels of detail (increased from L19 to L23), exposing more detailed data where available.
Please see the following blog for more details:

As you can now zoom in to the 1:70 scale with the available basemaps, do you still need to be able to zoom in closer?  If so, can you provide some additional details about what is needed?