ArcGIS Online Sub Groups Admin Access

01-17-2013 07:55 AM
Status: Open
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Need ability to create Sub Groups within ArcGIS Online.  As part of these subgroups, we need the ability to hide data or filter access via priviledges even from the Admins.  Admins can admin site but not access data within these subgroups.  We have data that is not a matter of public record, so outside the county and in fact inside the county outside the department is considered public.  So for us to be all in and driving forward with AGSO, we need the ability to filter access from personnel outside our department, which at the present are the admins from our county IT.

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Sub Groups would be great.  I created a Public Safety Group for our Fire Service and Police Department.  I now see that it would be better for each to have their own group, but I would like to keep it all under the "Public Safety" umbrela group. 

Even with breaking out Police into their own group I would like the functionality to have subgroups under the main Police Group for Patrol, Admin, Command Staff, Investigations. 

So I too would like to see the ability to create subgroups.