ArcGIS Online shared theme logo

09-08-2021 06:59 AM
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Noticed that when adding a logo to the shared theme section of AGOL > Organization > Settings > General Shared Theme > Logo... regardless of the original shape of the logo... in our case we have used a rectangle, the upload functionality changes it to a square.  In doing so, that changes how it will fit on a webapp builder header bar.  We thought we could take advantage of the shared theme logo, but we cannot because webapp builder is using the height in the css styling.  The Shared Theme logo was originally 64px width by 30 px height.  ArcGIS converted that to 100px width by 100 px height.  The additional "height" added when ArcGIS converted our logo to a square, means webapp builder must condense this by height, resulting in logo that appears blurry and reduced in size.  When using a custom logo directly in webapp builder, the logo retains the original dimensions and appears as expected. 

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We have the same issue... anyone has workaround?


I have the same question for ArcGIS Dashboards.


Can this be solved by Esri Inc? Our rectangle formed logo appears unreadable small in instant apps, and dashboards.


Same here - any updates on this?  Does ESRI have any suggestions as to logo dimensions for the Instant apps?