ArcGIS Online - Order Popups same as Legend

11-02-2012 03:01 PM
Status: Open
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When you have overlapping map layers that have popups, there is a bar at the top that allows you to toggle to the next layer.  0EME0000000TTcH

But there is no way to control the order of which popup is displayed first.  Please give control to this, or make popup come up in the same order as the legend.


Can Esri please consider this enhancement? If Esri is worried about performance of a pop-up, just add an option that says "preserve ToC order in pop-ups" so it is an informed decision by author. It has already collected lot of votes and there are similar requests in many other threads. 


While this has just been an inconvenience for my use cases, this is becoming a potential hazard. With raging wildfires in the State of Oregon and evacuation maps using AGOL, clicking an evacuation polygon brings up a pop up for State and County jurisdictional boundaries. This requires a user to click to the 3rd or 5th pop-up to actually get information on evacuation status. How many people know to click the little arrow to figure out if their life or property is in danger? At least they get an immediate pop-up letting them know they live in Oregon. Oregon Office of Emergency Management : Real-time Assessment and Planning Tool for Oregon (RAPTOR) :... 

Allowing creators to order pop-ups is not just a matter of convenience.


Echoing Brian's comment - we are running into this exact issue with our wildfire response dashboard right now. It is thoroughly confusing our viewers at a time when we are directing hundreds of new-to-Arc employees toward our dashboards.


Has anyone found a reasonable workaround for this until (hopefully) the issue is fixed?


My use case involves users asking for ordering of popups from a single layer that has stacked points.  Just like in this post How to make points with more recent dates appear in a first place in popup windows ArcGIS Online?  In the post Kelly Gerrow sends us to this ArcGIS Idea entry.

When users click on the points in the app I am working on it would be best if users pass through the pop-ups seeing meeting dates in order.


I want to be able to control the popup order in a specific Layer when there are multiple records at the same coordinates.

So for example in our Bridge Register Layer there could be 8 records at the same coordinates with individual reference numbers but you cannot control the order 😞


Like @DaveFullerton and @CMcDonald above, I am also looking to order pop-ups within a single Layer to control the pop-up order of stacked polygons. I'd really like to order them by date submitted, but right now it appears to be at random? Or by ObjectId? Not sure if this current idea captures this request in functionality as well... it is also posted over at