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ArcGIS Online - Open Data Sites

08-04-2014 10:49 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Nice job with the first version of Open Data Sites on ArcGIS Online! A few suggestions for the next version:
  • Online Charts & Graphs (I think these are coming in October)
  • Clip, Zip & Ship Tool to export User Selected Regions as dwg (CAD format)
  • Site Administration: Ability to Create Site as Copy of Existing Site
  • Slider similar to the Featured Content Slider on the ArcGIS Online HomePage

Carter Vickery
Wake County, NC GIS

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I agree that teh Clip, Zip & Ship tool would be most useful if it also exported to Cad. At least half of my requests still come in asknig for Cad or both Cad and Shapefiles.

Alina Nowak.
City of Coquitlam, GIS Analyst.
I would like to Suggest some features to enhance the OpenDataSite App. We at WHO are trying to share some of our data publicly in order for other users to get the privillage of the availibilty of data. Therefore, We do suggest to add some features to the app that will enhance it and make its interface more user friendly.

Suggested Updates:
A. Maximize the capacity of the App so it will run with layers that exceed 10000 features and show them on the Map
B. Requesting ability be considered to allow the scroll button on the mouse to additionally control zooming.
C. Requesting ability be considered to allow for the definition of custom zoom levels.
D. Requesting ability be considered to allow for transparency to be set when multiple datasets are available in one vicinity to make the outlines easier to view.