ArcGIS Online map selection color in Dashboards and Experience Builder

02-01-2022 07:08 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

When a Dashboard or Experience Builder selection is made in a map the highlight color is transparent. Is there a way to make a “transparent or not” choice when picking a map selection color?  We investigated our options, and the only way is to host the app outside of ArcGIS Online and customize the code, which isn’t a realistic option for us.


I don't think you can change this, unfortunately. Cyan only!


We have a dashboard with 5 different maps, each map has points with a certain color (red, purple, blue, green, orange). Ideally, I wish we could change the selection highlight color by map, but making the highlight color opaque would help a little bit. No matter what color I choose for the selection highlight, at least one map looks bad. Increasing the thickness would also be a helpful option.