ArcGIS Online Login Screen Customization - Enterprise Login listed first

04-29-2021 04:18 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Allow administrators to reconfigure the login screen that appears in a web browser to show the Enterprise Login first.  People use whatever is listed first. I have users who may only use an ArcGIS Online product once in awhile and they always choose the first option. When it doesn't work they try to reset the password. Multiple times. It is a frustrating experience for them. I want it to be easy.

Give me an option to list 'Your ArcGIS Organization's URL' first and 'ArcGIS Login' second. 

agol sign in screen.JPG


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by Anonymous User

Hi @MikeOnzay - you can configure this under Organization > Settings > Security > Logins:



Then when signing in, the login screen shows the SAML option first:



I would also make sure to give your users the organization URL - - with the generic URL, the customized login order will not be present because it is unknown which organization they're attempting to sign into. 

I hope this helps, please let me know if there are any questions or comments here.