ArcGIS Online home page - FIX item in recommended content group (carousel)

08-23-2015 01:39 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III
Would be very convenient possibility to fix item position in ArcGIS Online home page recommended content area (carousel). 
Very often I want that first or second position would be the same items all the time. Annoying thing is to edit every recommended content group item in order to obtain desired sequence after one item was updated.

The possibility to choose to sort items not only by constantly changing parameters like owner, edit date, name, etc., but also to fix them, would be great.
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by Anonymous User

Hi @VilmantasAlekna1, this is now implemented with the addition of featured content in Groups at the September 2021 update. See the references below for more information about this feature:

Please let us know your feedback on this feature, and thanks for submitting the idea.